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Surface Drainage Systems

Surface Drains are designed to move large amounts of runoff water or “Surface” water quickly and efficiently. This form of drain system is one of the best ways to keep water from pooling on your yard or property.

When you think of examples of a surface drain, picture the drain in your shower. It is a drain that is designed to flow large volumes of water from the floor of your bathtub or shower and move it to its desired location. This is the same idea for your yard, only bigger.


How does it work?

Surface Drain Systems are solid drain tile (pipes) attached to inlet basins with grates covering the basin flush with, or slightly lower than the grade (surface of your yard). These solid pipes are sloped downhill typically at least 1% to the exit location away from your home.

It is very common to install multiple types of drains in the same system. This is commonly referred to as a combination drain or Combo Drain.

Each has its own drain tile so not to contaminate or clog the other drain type. For example: At Glennstone Outdoor Drainage, we install French Drains with Surface Drains and Downspout Drains together on a reoccurring basis.


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